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Application Post: Canon Character

Player Application(For new players only! You may post in either the canon or OC post)

Player's Name/Nickname
: (Whatever you want us to call you.)
Player LJ: (If you have more than one, go ahead and list them; or if you don't have any at all, please say so.)
Messengers and Email: (Any way we can contact you via the internetz.)
Timezone: (Whatever you want to call it, for example, Eastern or GMT -5. Just something so we can calculate time differences, for reference.)

Character Application

Name: (The canon character's name. Please do not include a last name by any means.)
Gender: (Please don't describe their gender, such as “feminine male”. It's quite obvious why this applies.)
Age: (A reasonable estimate of their age. For example, if you were Roark, maybe around 18~21, but make it definite.)

Description: (This isn't as necessary as for an OC. Picture reference is okay, but test your description abilities and try to go for at least a good description of your character.)

Personality: (Once again, a reasonable guesstimate. We know the character's personalities in the game are somewhat to very ambiguous. Try your best to think of a decent personality, or maybe something a little different than people would actually think. For example, if you were Volkner, don't go with the crowds' thoughts thinking he's 'emo'.)

History: (And again, a reasonable guesstimate. Be creative, yet sensible, about your character's history. Remember, history shapes a character's personality. Please try to make it at least 150 words minimum. If it's close, it's OK.)

Pokemon: (Please include the character's actual Pokemon. You may include some extras, if it makes sense. Please keep their parties to the standard 6. If it's an Battle Tower NPC such as Riley or Cheryl, keep it to a minimum of 6 for their party, and no legendaries for any characters by any means. Maybe for Palmer, but that will still be looked over.)

Sample RP: (250 word minimum; please give a short sample of what you are capable of writing involving this character. It doesn't have to be canon, just... something. Also, please don't link to previous RPs/fanfictions/anything else you've written, instead, please write a fresh sample specifically for the RP.)

Please fill out all fields!


Sample RP:

It was early morning. The sun was just starting to rise, and few people were in the streets. Maylene had already started to make her way to her gym, so she could be there earlier than usual for new competitors that had been coming and going to the gym. She had beaten them all, but most of them wanted to come back for rematches. She was very lenient about rematches, for she loved the thrill of battling and wanted to be fair. She wasn't a sore loser; she actually hoped to lose so the competitors and trainers who battled her to win her badge, the Cobble Badge. As much as she liked winning and as much as she trained everyday, she wanted to be fair with the Sinnoh league rules.

On her way to her gym, she decided to stop by the Veilstone Game corner to see if it had opened yet, or especially, if her father was there. She had been visiting her father everyday, telling the stories of battles she had daily. As much as he seemed so distracted by gambling, he seemed interested in her stories. Maybe he was proud. She could never tell, but she tried and tried everyday to get his attention.

Today, she wanted to try again. Stopping by the game corner, she could see him waiting there for the game corner to open. She wanted to wave and yell hello, but she thought he probably wouldn't notice her. Not wanting to give up her continuous tries to ease his gambling addiction, she decided to anyway.

“Hey, dad!” she yelled to him, waving her hand, trying to get his attention. She was down at the streets while the game corner was above on the rocky short cliffs of Veilstone. He didn't seem to notice her. She didn't yell too loud the first time, her thinking that maybe she should get closer, yell louder, and try again.

“Hey, DAD!” she yelled again. This time, she was only a steps from the stairs that were on the rocky cliff where the game corner was. To her surprise, he actually turned around and kept looking at her. She was shocked. He actually noticed. Was it because he wasn't gambling?, she thought. Maybe that's why. Not like he'll say anything, though.

“Hey there, Maylene! You on you way to your gym?!” he yelled back, waving. This surprised Maylene even more. She was speechless. He'd actually been listening to her stories about her gym and battling. Was this too good to be true?

“Well?! Are ya, Maylene?! Or are ya gonna stay here with me?!” he still yelled back, somewhat laughing heartily.

Maylene shook her head to get back into reality. “Uhh...I'm on my way to my gym! Good luck with your gambling!” she answer, beginning to walk away, waving.

“Good luck with your battles today! And tell me about them when you're done!” he added, turning back around to face the game corner's door.

Maylene's face was bright, and she had a huge grin on her face. Maybe it was just a today thing he was going to do that; she didn't know. But she felt happier than usual. She was glad that her father finally noticed her.

“Today's going to be a good day!” she exclaimed to herself outloud.
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