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Application Post: Canon Character

Player Application(For new players only! You may post in either the canon or OC post)

Player's Name/Nickname
: (Whatever you want us to call you.)
Player LJ: (If you have more than one, go ahead and list them; or if you don't have any at all, please say so.)
Messengers and Email: (Any way we can contact you via the internetz.)
Timezone: (Whatever you want to call it, for example, Eastern or GMT -5. Just something so we can calculate time differences, for reference.)

Character Application

Name: (The canon character's name. Please do not include a last name by any means.)
Gender: (Please don't describe their gender, such as “feminine male”. It's quite obvious why this applies.)
Age: (A reasonable estimate of their age. For example, if you were Roark, maybe around 18~21, but make it definite.)

Description: (This isn't as necessary as for an OC. Picture reference is okay, but test your description abilities and try to go for at least a good description of your character.)

Personality: (Once again, a reasonable guesstimate. We know the character's personalities in the game are somewhat to very ambiguous. Try your best to think of a decent personality, or maybe something a little different than people would actually think. For example, if you were Volkner, don't go with the crowds' thoughts thinking he's 'emo'.)

History: (And again, a reasonable guesstimate. Be creative, yet sensible, about your character's history. Remember, history shapes a character's personality. Please try to make it at least 150 words minimum. If it's close, it's OK.)

Pokemon: (Please include the character's actual Pokemon. You may include some extras, if it makes sense. Please keep their parties to the standard 6. If it's an Battle Tower NPC such as Riley or Cheryl, keep it to a minimum of 6 for their party, and no legendaries for any characters by any means. Maybe for Palmer, but that will still be looked over.)

Sample RP: (250 word minimum; please give a short sample of what you are capable of writing involving this character. It doesn't have to be canon, just... something. Also, please don't link to previous RPs/fanfictions/anything else you've written, instead, please write a fresh sample specifically for the RP.)

Please fill out all fields!


Player Application

Player's Name/Nickname: Calum
Player LJ: meganephile
Messengers and Email: MSN: eau_de_zelos@hotmail.com, AIM: Aojiroibara, Email: yan_da_xia@yahoo.ca
Timezone: EST

Character Application

Name: Roark
Gender: Male
Age: 20

Description: Roark has reddish-brown hair (we'll call it burgundy for the sake of detail), grown out to shoulder-length, that flips out at the back and sides; his bangs are long and parted evenly to either side of his face. His eyes are the same colour as his hair, and he wears dark-rimmed, rectangularly-shaped glasses. He is not tall--not short, but perhaps a bit under average height, with a well-built, athletic frame, due in part to his job and perhaps in part to heredity. He is usually seen wearing his mining uniform, consisting of a red hard hat, white gloves, a short-sleeved gray jacket (worn open) and matching work pants both with gold trim, black safety boots and a black undershirt.

Personality: He is described as an expert in many fields, and is indeed skilled at and enthusiastic about what he does. His love for mining and searching for fossils often drives him to distraction, though he is still responsible in his many duties as both safety inspector of the Oreburgh Coal Mine and Oreburgh City's resident Gym Leader. He is naturally of a calm and accommodating personality--this in combination with his tendency to lose himself in his hobbies might lead one to believe him oblivious or absentminded, though his numerous responsibilities at such a young age would imply that he is quite intelligent, and his reputation of keeping the Oreburgh Coal Mine running safely and efficiently would suggest that he is perfectly attentive. His calm exterior belies a passion for fossils and fossil Pokemon that borderlines on the eccentric, as well as a heated enthusiasm for Pokemon battles. His attitude is much different in the arena than in his everyday life, his confidence borderlining on arrogance. He takes on an instructive role when it comes to his duties as a Gym Leader, pushing his opponents to their limits to test their true strength--he's a tough teacher, but a good one. When he's not working in the mines or training at the Gym, he is digging for treasure in Sinnoh's Underground.
History: Roark grew up in Canalave City with his father, Byron. His mother died while he was still very young, and he remembers very little if anything about her. Riley, also growing up in Canalave at the time, along with his family, offered to help the devastated Byron with taking care of Roark, as Byron had a lot to handle between running a Gym, training apprentices, and taking care of a baby. Roark and Riley were thus very close growing up, and Roark likes to think of Riley as a brother, and vice-versa. Roark spent much of his childhood playing on Iron Island, a closed-down mine on an island north of Canalave. It was here that his fascination with geology began. Around the age of 8-9 was when Roark discovered a fossil of a potentially undiscovered species of ancient Pokemon--it was also around this time that fossil resurrection technology was being perfected in Oreburgh City. Roark made a trip to Oreburgh City, accompanied by Riley, and after several days of waiting impatiently, Roark was introduced to what would become an amazing step in Pokemon history and research, and his first Pokemon--Cranidos. [I wasn't sure where/how to explain Roark's personality as a child; it's like...the history of his personality? >D; He was petulant and somewhat annoying, and has since calmed down. Considerably. :P] Byron took care of Cranidos until Roark was old enough to obtain his Pokemon training license--his career as a Pokemon trainer began in earnest. Roark had to get glasses when he was 12, and was extremely displeased about it. (They were a different design from the ones he has now: thin-rimmed and oval-shaped. It was not until he grew up that he simply accepted his need for glasses and went for something more popular with the thicker frames.) A position for Gym Leader opened up in the League around the time Roark was 18, and after Riley declined Byron's offer for a recommendation and suggested Roark be given the recommendation instead, Roark was shortly thereafter instated as a new Gym Leader. He moved away from home to Oreburgh City, where he became the safety inspector of the Oreburgh Coal Mine.

Pokemon: Geodude ♂ (Lv 12, Impish Nature), Onix ♂ (Lv 12, Serious Business Nature), Cranidos ♂ (Lv 14, Adamant Nature)
RP Sample: “Thanks for offering to showing me around down here!” Jonathon enthused.

Roark laughed. “Hey, no problem! I’m more than happy to show new people around the Underground. It’s so amazing, I know you’ll love it.”

Jonathon turned his head from side to side, taking in the new environment. He shook his head, amused at how the light on his helmet danced around in accordance with his movements. He turned to Roark. “What can we find down here?”

“Just about anything!” Roark replied. “Evolution stones, long-buried items... If you’re lucky, you might even find a Pokemon fossil.”

Jonathon’s eyes lit up as bright as his helmet lamp. “That’s awesome!”

Roark grinned. “Come on, let’s look for a place to get started. Stay close behind, and make sure not to wander off. It’s dark down here, and you don’t want to get lost.”

“It’s like a maze down here, right?” Jonathon inquired. “I’ve seen pictures. It’s crazy!”

“It’s incredible,” agreed Roark, his voice rising as the ping of the small radar device in his hand echoed in the craggy corridor. “There’s still so much to be discovered. That’s why I’m so glad kids like you are interested in exploring down here. The more people there are digging, the more likely it is that someone will stumble upon something absolutely amazing!”

“Do you think I’ll find something amazing?” asked Jonathon hopefully.

“Oh, you never know,” Roark said lightly. The pinging of the radar changed in pitch slightly. He turned toward the rock wall. “What have we here?”

“What is it?!” cried Jonathon, bursting with excitement.

“We won’t know until we dig,” said Roark. “So let’s—Hold on!”

“What?” asked Jonathon, startled by Roark’s sudden enthusiasm.

Roark knelt down next to the wall and picked up a rock from the stony floor. He held it up before his face, where the light from his helmet lamp could reach it. “Wow...”

“Is it an Evolution Stone?” The youngster ran up to where Roark was kneeling. “A Moon Stone maybe? I’ve always wanted to see one!”


Jonathon blinked. “A...wh-what?”

“Ahh, just take a look at this!” exclaimed Roark, his voice thick with childlike fascination. He held it up for Jonathon to see.

Jonathon inspected the rock, covered in bands of grays and browns. “Y-yeah, it’s pretty cool.”

“Sure is! It’s a sedimentary-type rock.”

“Oh... You said sandstone, right? Does that mean it works with the Sandstorm move?”

“Huh? Oh no, no, it’s a regular rock, but...but just look at that smooth surface! You know, sedimentary rocks are formed when sand or silt or mud gets compressed...”

“Uh huh...”

“...and the lithostatic pressure squeezes them together...”

“That’s awesome, yeah.”

“...in a process known as lithification...”

“I...I’m more interested in Rock Pokemon, really...”

Roark was too engrossed in his explanation to pay Jonathon’s protest much mind. “These kinds of rocks are the best kind to find fossils in!”

Jonathon’s interest was piqued. “Is there a fossil in that sandstone?!”

Roark turned the rock over in his hands. “Hmm... Doesn’t look like there’s anything in this little one, I’m afraid.”

“Aww...” Jonathon’s face was a mask of disappointment.

“But still, this sample is really something... Just look at those beautiful layers! I...Wait, where’d you go? Jonathon, hold on! I told you not to wander off!”
You're accepted! I'm really happy we're getting potential/good RPers ^^ I'm impressed too. I liked the history for some reason. ^^

Please make an account for your RP character :D; or I might bend the rules a little, and you can use your main LJ account, but you gotta state which character/who you are when you RP, or at least have an icon. :3
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