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Application Post: OCs

Please note that all fields ARE mandatory unless stated otherwise. Post any and all applications for this RP here. :3

PLAYER APPLICATION (for new players only)

Player's Name/Nickname:
(Whatever you want us to call you.)
Player LJ: (If you have more than one, go ahead and list them; or if you don't have any at all, please say so.)
Messengers and Email: (Any way we can contact you via the internetz.)
Timezone: (Whatever you want to call it, for example, Eastern or GMT -5. Just something so we can calculate time differences, for reference.)


Name: (Last name not required; in fact, we don't encourage it at all, as it can lead to Sue-ism at times.)
Gender: (Straightforward. If, by some chance, your character is rather androgynous, please state their physical gender.)
Age: (Any age is fine, but try to avoid making them too young, because we would rather not see any child prodigy Sues running about.)

Description: (Try for at least 200 words at minimum. Describe as much as you can think of about the character, including but not limited to height, weight, body type, hair, eyes, skin, and clothes, among other things.)

Personality: (Again, 200 words minimum. Mannerisms, inner mentality, basic reactions to things, stuff like that.)

History: (Another 200 word minimum field. Don't make a super-tragic past; it's okay if the character was, say, physically/verbally/sexually abused or orphaned or something, but try to reflect such a thing REALISTICALLY in the rest of the app, rather than just taking the whole thing lightly, as those are serious factors in shaping someone's personality, even their physical looks sometimes.)

Sample RP: (250 word minimum; please give a short sample of what you are capable of writing involving this character. It doesn't have to be canon, just... something. Also, please don't link to previous RPs/fanfictions/anything else you've written, instead, please write a fresh sample specifically for the RP.)

POKEMON APPLICATION (This can apply for your OC's main Pokemon or all. If you decide to do this for your OC's main, please still list your character's other Pokemon.)

Nickname: (If applicable.)
Species: (Pokemon species, again, please no legends.)
History: (Just a short history of how the character obtained this Pokemon, whether they bred it, caught it, received it, whatever.)

Personality: (Like the trainer, please write up a short, 100 word minimum personality paragraph for the Pokemon.)

Moves: (Any known moves. You don't have to stick to four, but try and be realistic and not list off every single move the species can learn. Just moves it uses often or has the potential to use.)

Other: (If the Pokemon happens to be shiny [keep shinies to a minimum, please] or has something particularly different about its physical appearance, please say so here.) 


Name: Logan
Gender: Male
Age: Twenty-two
Description: Logan is taller, but not that tall, and could come off as somewhat intimidating at 5’10. His eyebrows look furrowed, and his hair is a dark brown and parted at one side, eyes a hazel that inevitably changes now and then. His build isn’t thin, but he isn’t stocky either. His goatee is triangular, the point downwards, and he has long sideburns. When he removes the trench coat, it’s revealed that his arms are pretty hairy.
His glasses are a shade of burgundy, of a fall tone. The colorscheme of his clothes makes him look pale, but, it’s only the sharp contrast. He’s always in a large, dark-brown trenchcoat that gives him a detective’s appearance, coming over a dark-green on a crimson shirt. His slacks, flexible and appropriate for both a casual and formal meeting are the same tone as the bowler. His shoes match the coat appropriately and are not polished. Gloves of the same tone as his shirt start at his wrist and end at his mid-fingers. A silver wristwatch beneath is slung on his right arm. Overall, he is very earthy in an appearance fitting to his nature, with the exception that he isn’t an ice king.
Personality: Logan is not a very thorough speaker, but tends to think a lot over whatever circumstance is presented to him. His responses to things imply that he thinks before he acts. While somewhat cynical, he’s never sardonic, and comes off as friendly enough; however, it does depend on who he encounters. A “straight-man”, he does not let himself get phased by what occurs most of the time, but he can think what he may. When being encountered with a problem, he will most likely answer about the emotional issue of a situation first. Regardless of his patience, Logan is very stubborn, but also biased. He can be appeased with things if you want your way, whether it’s aesthetics or favors but doesn’t practice this to a ridiculous extent.
On the exterior, his image gives off indifference, or even an outright lack of care, and so does his tone on a regular basis. This gives off to his peers by default that he holds an ego. Being confronted with accusatory statements will, perhaps in dues ex, make him go onwards about a strong opposition to assumptions; indeed, he hates judgmental types. It’s easy to make him laugh; you’ll get somewhere even if you say something in a strange tone of voice. In flattery or romance, his self-esteem is quite low.
History: Logan was born in Eterna City and, unlike many folk decided to stay in his home city. His first pokemon was Holmes, who he received from a litter of pups given in an area which is now the bike shop in Eterna.
In his later youth he took a job in training at Eterna Gym, for which he traded a Meditite for a Paras with a tourist from Kanto who took a liking to its skill. With his experience as a Gym Trainer, he’d known mostly girls at his age and, unfortunately, his bridge to the opposite sex instigated drama. Through a series of complications, and lies about the lack of care given to the gym when it was left in his responsibility, he grew a bad reputation there and now only performs maintenance. It isn’t entirely his fault, however, as his refusal to do certain things made him a scapegoat, and the girls had ceased to tell the last leader he had other affairs. He gets angry upon the issue being mentioned, and in his quiet nature the story as to why he doesn’t train inside is a mystery to many yet.
A visit insisted upon by his mother to the newest display at Oreburgh Museum led to his discovery of an Aerodactyl fossil, which was recently revived; the pokemon today is his source of transportation.
Sample RP:
“You don’t say.”
Upon hearing the preposition, the slightly grisly young man put a gloved hand with it’s fingers curled to his Adam’s apple, and made a smirk which presided at the edge of his face. His eyebrow arched, and the bowler hat tilting with his shoulder, it’s clear the offer the man at the counter’s given to him sparked his interest. At the cost of five pokeballs for the novice at the door, he would receive a Premium Ball, polished with utmost care and rendered in the expensive white material which was only sold so often.
In confirmation to his decision, he adjusts the hat properly and, in some conscientiousness buttons part of his shirt which had undone itself. He took off his hat, feeling the wetness inside – it was black, and thus absorbed a lot of heat from the ceiling lights--, and put it down on the surface, his hair not greasy but shaped down. By now his hands both laid against the glass, whether or not it was to the salesman’s liking.
Prior to removing his wallet with a brief turn of the head, he smiles looking down across his pocket and the leather case jingles when it’s in his grip. Sliding several large pieces of coinage to the counter, he lifts his index finger and starts to speak.

“I’ll have five pokeballs, sir, aswell as five potions of the first caliber.” After paying his dues and receiving the order in a brown bag, he seizes the white premium ball encased in plastic and slides it into his pocket.
Nickname: Holmes
Species: Mightyena
History: Holmes was purchased from a group offering a litter, and became his first.
Personality: Holmes is very tight to his master; in a manner analogous to, say, Ash and his Pikachu, the two of them have been together through thick and thin. Because Logan has only owned Holmes for his long time as a casual trainer, he’s very wise, which makes his keen sense of smell all the better for situations where an investigation is a necessity. It’s a double-edged sword, however; Holmes only wants the best opponents he can find, and will occasionally argue with his trainer about a battle. Otherwise, he isn’t defiant to anyone except children. Enjoys being pet very much.
Moves: Crunch, Iron Tail, Return, Dig
Other: Holmes’s pawprints and ear coloration are a burgundy, and his pelt is a greater shade of gray.
:) Okay, you're accepted. Please make account for your character and join the community.
Wow, very nice character! Very impressive indeed...you're accepted. :3
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