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hidden_logic in renegadecrusade

Application Post: Canon Character

Player Application(For new players only! You may post in either the canon or OC post)

Player's Name/Nickname
: (Whatever you want us to call you.)
Player LJ: (If you have more than one, go ahead and list them; or if you don't have any at all, please say so.)
Messengers and Email: (Any way we can contact you via the internetz.)
Timezone: (Whatever you want to call it, for example, Eastern or GMT -5. Just something so we can calculate time differences, for reference.)

Character Application

Name: (The canon character's name. Please do not include a last name by any means.)
Gender: (Please don't describe their gender, such as “feminine male”. It's quite obvious why this applies.)
Age: (A reasonable estimate of their age. For example, if you were Roark, maybe around 18~21, but make it definite.)

Description: (This isn't as necessary as for an OC. Picture reference is okay, but test your description abilities and try to go for at least a good description of your character.)

Personality: (Once again, a reasonable guesstimate. We know the character's personalities in the game are somewhat to very ambiguous. Try your best to think of a decent personality, or maybe something a little different than people would actually think. For example, if you were Volkner, don't go with the crowds' thoughts thinking he's 'emo'.)

History: (And again, a reasonable guesstimate. Be creative, yet sensible, about your character's history. Remember, history shapes a character's personality. Please try to make it at least 150 words minimum. If it's close, it's OK.)

Pokemon: (Please include the character's actual Pokemon. You may include some extras, if it makes sense. Please keep their parties to the standard 6. If it's an Battle Tower NPC such as Riley or Cheryl, keep it to a minimum of 6 for their party, and no legendaries for any characters by any means. Maybe for Palmer, but that will still be looked over.)

Sample RP: (250 word minimum; please give a short sample of what you are capable of writing involving this character. It doesn't have to be canon, just... something. Also, please don't link to previous RPs/fanfictions/anything else you've written, instead, please write a fresh sample specifically for the RP.)

Please fill out all fields!


Player's Name/Nickname: Qu-ko or Qu
Player LJ: aphotic
Messengers and Email: AIM: kazuhi017, MSN: sapphiredewgong@hotmail.com, Email: aura@smallmagic.net (HEAVY SPAM FILTER)
Timezone: Eastern -5

Name: Damion
Gender: Male
Age: 12

Description: More striking than he gives himself credit for, Damion has blond hair, very blond -- it's in a particularly unique style, too, with one large spike going in either direction, and a small lick going down his forehead. His eyes are large and abnormally red, though he does not seem to be albino; rather, it appears to be a hereditary trait inherited from his father. He dresses fairly simply, wearing a green scarf with a striped orange and white t-shirt, jeans, and a Poketch on his wrist. He also carries a tan shoulder bag with him at all times, which contains all his personal items.

Personality: Damion seems to have a rather arrogant personality at first. His egocentric behavior and arrogant speech can be clearly observed, but that is a cover for his cheerful and kind character (the truth is that he is unexpectedly sentimental). When around friends, he turns out to be perky, energetic, and loud, sometimes forgetting that he is trying to best everyone else at anything humanly possible. He's a hasty boy, reacting quickly to any situation, but often on first impulse. He does not tolerate indecision or hesitation, and can be stubborn, persistent, and pushy to get answers from people. However, as mentioned before, this great boistrousness is really just a cover for sensitivity and even great maturity, as Damion cannot stand to see others hurt. And despite wanting to be the best at everything, he has a strong sense of justice. Upon seeing a wrong, he will instinctively want to right it, and will feel absolutely horrible if he is unable to do anything. In fact, the only thing that can really bring his perpetually chipper mood down is inability and failure. If he fails at anything, however rare such failure is, he won't seek to blame others, but instead will begin coming down hard on himself, and his stubborn nature will often make him difficult to move from that spot. Overall, Damion is a very demanding, in-control individual, but he feels a lot deeper than most people credit him for. When he is depressed, it is a deep, black depression; when he is enthusiastic, it is a sincere, passionate enthusiasm. He is a boy who does everything with all his heart.

History: Damion was born in Twinleaf Town, living next door to Dawn all his life. His father and mother split up when he was young, and so he did not grow to know his father very well. It is still a touchy subject for him, as there are still many unresolved conflicts that have not been worked out between his parents. His mother tried to shield him from his parents' fights and from every other evil in the world, but his adventurous and stubborn nature would have none of it. Despite her efforts, he still decided to go on a Pokemon journey, and his mother had no choice but to sigh and let him go as he pleased. Since childhood he'd always been constantly trying to best Dawn, and this did not stop even after he received his first Pokemon. He did, however, learn a bit of self-control after Team Galactic's capture of Uxie and his failure to rescue it absolutely crushed his spirit for a while. Because of this, he resolved to help free the three pixies in any way he could, and assisted Dawn in suppressing Team Galactic's plans just long enough to be able to put an end to them for good. Even now, he still aims to be the best trainer in the region, the world even, but it seems Dawn still always manages to beat him, no matter what he does...
Pokemon: Just to make it short: Torterra♂ (Brave nature), Staraptor♂ (Adamant nature), Rapidash♀ (Hasty nature), Snorlax♂ (Relaxed nature), Floatzel♀ (Impish nature)

Sample RP: Damion only had a moment to process that there was a dragon in the dining room before his white-faced mother shoved him backwards and slammed the double doors shut.

There was a dragon.

In the dining room.

While he had watched it had coiled around the dining table and crushed it in the grip of a massive serpentine body.

Now it was in there with his mother and father.

He stared at the double doors from floor and said vaguely, "Holy crap..."

He then slammed a fist against the ground. The gesture did not make a very good sound, as the floor was lushly carpeted, but it made him feel better. He had the vague feeling that he should be running, so that when the dragon ate his parents he could be a decent distance away.

For some reason he didn't really think the dragon was going to eat his father. Probably because that would be too easy. He wasn't quite sure they weren't all just hallucinating anyway.

A dim roar came from the dining room, but filtered and tinny as if coming through a tube from very far away. The double doors did not shake, and no malevolent glowing lights emanated from the cracks. It was not at all like the movies.

Damion threw himself down in a chair at the kitchen table. 'Maybe dad's, like, a warlock or something,' he thought briefly.

Fifteen minutes passed. He sat in the chair and was silent. Once in a while there would be a sound from the other room, and he would try and think up explanations for the sound, because he'd only seen the dragon once, after all, and who could believe in something they only saw once, right? He'd barely believed in movies until he'd been to see every last one of them at least three times.

Then the doors opened, and Damion looked up.

His mother was there, and her face was red with anger.

'Here they go again,' he thought bitterly.

"...I still don't see how you could let your Milotic out by accident, Palmer. I'll bet it wasn't even an accident, was it?! You probably did that on purpose to--"

"Of course it was an accident," his father insisted. "Give me one good reason why I would do that to you."

"Because of me," she said bluntly.

Palmer failed to respond to that. There was silence all around, Damion just staring up blankly at his parents, and his mother burning holes into his father's head with her glare. Suddenly she shrieked frustratedly, whirled around, stepped around her son, and stormed upstairs. His father sighed, chucking the Pokeball in his hand to the side angrily, leaning back against the wall. There was a trail of blood trickling down his hand from somewhere up his sleeve.

It took a few minutes for Damion to gather the courage to get up. He walked slowly, cautiously over to his father, looking up at him pitifully from his short seven-year-old height.

"Hey, Damion," Palmer said finally, kneeling down to his son's level and putting his hand on his cheek. "You ever seen a dragon before?" he asked, faux-enthusiastically.

He shook his head.

"It's called Milotic," he explained, "and she's really not as bad as she seems, and, and... I'm very sorry she caused so much trouble."

Somehow, he thought, all the apologies in the world may not cover all the wounds made this time around.
Player's Name/Nickname: Mel or Myris
Player LJ:hidden_logic or myris_
Messengers and Email: Check the community profile :)
Timezone: GMT - 5

Character Application

Name: Maylene
Gender: Female
Age: 12

Description: Maylene has bubble-gum pink, short, almost bobbed hair. Her bangs are very short, and her hair flips out from the sides from being so short. She has a bandage on her nose, possibly from an injury or just to make her look tougher. Her height is 5'2", and she weighs around 121lbs. Her eyes are almost the same color as her hair, but a shade darker. She wears a blue leotard with a black outlining along the straps. She wears pants over her leotard; the pants being white and rather 'poofy'. She also has an extra bandage on her left arm. On her hands, she wears blue and black gloves that are padded around the knuckles. Despite her height and weight, she is a very powerful fighter.

Personality: Maylene likes to stay low-key as much as she can. She appears introverted at first, but that can be highly doubted once you know her well. She likes to remain low-key in her gym and around town because she knows she's very well-known around Veilstone City. People fear her strength, and she can never figure out why. Knowing best to keep people unafraid, she'll usually stay in her gym training with her Pokemon. Even though she's unaware how she became a gym leader, she's proud of being one and takes battling seriously. She also loves to eat, and she loves to eat a lot. Her favorite food is unknown, since she can't choose. She's constantly hungry, probably because she's always training in her gym, and she always has food on the mind.

History: Maylene comes from Veilstone, a city that remains isolated among the others of Sinnoh. She grew up with a loving mother and father. However, her father soon became addicted to gambling at the Veilstone Game Corner; his addiction growing worse everyday. Her mother soon left them because of this. Her mother did offer to Maylene to leave Veilstone, but Maylene refused for some reason. She wanted to say with her father because he gave her her first Pokemon, a Riolu. Ever since then, she thought fighting Pokemon were the best of all Pokemon, and she wanted to be just like them. She also thought she could change dad's ways, reason being she wanted to stay. After her mother left, she became very upset inside, taking her anger out by fighting and roughhousing... and Pokemon battles. Someone noticed her strength of being a trainer, and suggested she should be a gym leader. It's rumored another gym leader offered her the job, though she didn't exactly know who. Even though she denied the request, she soon received a letter in the mail, saying she was to be the gym leader of Veilstone and that the current one had quit. Awestruck, she didn't know what to think. Someone so young like her being a gym leader; she could've been ridiculed. However, she thought of her father, and how she was always trying to get his attention. She sought this as an opportunity to get his attention, and maybe stop him from his gambling addiction. She is now the current gym leader of Veilstone, and holds the title proudly. She is a powerful opponent, and many people would agree.

Pokemon: Meditite(Lvl 27 ♀), Machoke(Lvl 27 ♂), Lucario(Lvl 30 ♂)
Sample RP:

It was early morning. The sun was just starting to rise, and few people were in the streets. Maylene had already started to make her way to her gym, so she could be there earlier than usual for new competitors that had been coming and going to the gym. She had beaten them all, but most of them wanted to come back for rematches. She was very lenient about rematches, for she loved the thrill of battling and wanted to be fair. She wasn't a sore loser; she actually hoped to lose so the competitors and trainers who battled her to win her badge, the Cobble Badge. As much as she liked winning and as much as she trained everyday, she wanted to be fair with the Sinnoh league rules.

On her way to her gym, she decided to stop by the Veilstone Game corner to see if it had opened yet, or especially, if her father was there. She had been visiting her father everyday, telling the stories of battles she had daily. As much as he seemed so distracted by gambling, he seemed interested in her stories. Maybe he was proud. She could never tell, but she tried and tried everyday to get his attention.

Today, she wanted to try again. Stopping by the game corner, she could see him waiting there for the game corner to open. She wanted to wave and yell hello, but she thought he probably wouldn't notice her. Not wanting to give up her continuous tries to ease his gambling addiction, she decided to anyway.

“Hey, dad!” she yelled to him, waving her hand, trying to get his attention. She was down at the streets while the game corner was above on the rocky short cliffs of Veilstone. He didn't seem to notice her. She didn't yell too loud the first time, her thinking that maybe she should get closer, yell louder, and try again.

“Hey, DAD!” she yelled again. This time, she was only a steps from the stairs that were on the rocky cliff where the game corner was. To her surprise, he actually turned around and kept looking at her. She was shocked. He actually noticed. Was it because he wasn't gambling?, she thought. Maybe that's why. Not like he'll say anything, though.

“Hey there, Maylene! You on you way to your gym?!” he yelled back, waving. This surprised Maylene even more. She was speechless. He'd actually been listening to her stories about her gym and battling. Was this too good to be true?

“Well?! Are ya, Maylene?! Or are ya gonna stay here with me?!” he still yelled back, somewhat laughing heartily.

Maylene shook her head to get back into reality. “Uhh...I'm on my way to my gym! Good luck with your gambling!” she answer, beginning to walk away, waving.

“Good luck with your battles today! And tell me about them when you're done!” he added, turning back around to face the game corner's door.

Maylene's face was bright, and she had a huge grin on her face. Maybe it was just a today thing he was going to do that; she didn't know. But she felt happier than usual. She was glad that her father finally noticed her.

“Today's going to be a good day!” she exclaimed to herself outloud.
Player's Name/Nickname: Yoru or Rainy. Either is fine, but preferably Yoru.
Player LJ: yoru_ryu
Messengers and Email:
MSN: rainy_yoru@hotmail.co.uk
Email: yoruryu@hotmail.com (main account) OR rainy_yoru@hotmail.co.uk (MSN account)
Timezone: (GMT)

Character Application

Name: (Elite Four) Flint
Gender: Male
Age: 26

Description: Obviously Flint’s most prominent feature would be his big red afro, although it's not overly large and it suits his rather angular face. His main apparel consists of a tight-fitting yellow T-shirt with a tall collar and a pair of dark brown baggy trousers which he wears low on the hips. He also wears a pair of black sandals (no socks) at all times. His accessories include a thick black collar and similar black wristbands as well as a red belt with two triangular clips and two stirrup-like bands attached to each one. His eyes are a common brown and he is of medium build. Clearly he has no qualms about his dress sense.

Personality: Upon first glance Flint is an eccentric to an utmost degree. His optimism sharply shines through as the most dominant aspect of his personality and could often be considered his most blinding emotion. He also shows great concern about the people he cares for and will stick around them doing his best to cheer them up. Being in the spotlight and/or the centre of attention is what Flint has been used to his whole life so it comes as no surprise that he is generally the joker and the butt of pranks that backfire; however, he loves every moment of it. On the rare occasion that he does feel the taint of a negative emotion (such as depression) he finds himself quite vulnerable about how to handle it, but such emotions are an extreme rarity. In contrast to his general happy-go-lucky personality he is not adverse to following orders of those above him (with a little mockery and tweaking) but isn’t as good a leader as he thinks himself, nor the perfect role model for younger trainers. When he does something, he does it thoroughly and loudly, almost to the point of obliviousness to dangers and situations that may surround him and others. However, in the end Flint is a cheerful trainer and the type to stay with a friend till the end with no regrets.

History: Originally born and raised in Sunyshore Flint has had an average upbringing with his grandparents and little brother. Wanting to become a trainer at an early age he found a best friend and rival in Volkner, though he, more often than not, found himself having to look after his little brother, Buck. His grandparents were kind but they never divulged what happened to his parents and after a while he decided he would find out when he left on his Pokemon journey - though he has yet to find anything. Having a little brother brought out a more ‘maternal’ side of himself and he grew out of his rampant competitiveness for their grandparents’ attention. However, after their grandmother died he took it upon himself to care for his younger brother (hence giving him a general knowledge of homemaking skills) despite leaving on his journey that same year. It was also the year he left that his grandfather moved from Sunyshore to the Survival Area indefinitely. The raw affection for his brother has led him to love all young children and playing with them as well as enthusiastic trainers. Now the third member of the Elite Four he has found himself the freedom he’d always wanted to wander the world for clues of his parents, though with having such a duty as an Elite Four he rarely, if ever, leaves Sinnoh anymore; preferring to stick around Volkner whether he’s wanted or not.

((I assume Buck is Flint’s younger brother as Buck does seem to indicate that pretty obviously, but if I’m being too presumptuous ya can scrap it XD))

Pokemon: In team: Steelix (lv 57), Lopunny (lv 57), Drifblim (lv 58), Rapidash (lv 58), Infernape (lv 61) all males. Other: Magby (lv 6, female).
Sample RP: Judging by the sun it was still early morning and Flint found himself sitting cross-legged outside the entrance to the Sunyshore Gym on his lonesome. It wasn’t so much the fact that the early morning rays were boiling the highly polished steps he were sat on that was the cause of the over-dramatic pout covering his features. It wasn’t the fact that every passer-by would look and point at him. It wasn’t even the fact his best friend had called him a “freeloading leach” again as he was perfectly used to that title, quite frankly. It was the fact his belt was caught in the sliding double doors.

And he’d be damned if he were going to rip it and free himself. It was his favourite one!

Besides, he didn’t have anything to do anyway; hadn’t for a good week either. Apparently Cynthia thought even Aaron were more responsible than himself so he’d been relieved of all duties for a week. And what a boring week it had been!

Looking at his non-existent watch he sighed for the umpteenth time. It wasn’t like he were stuck in a particularly comfortable position either, what with his trousers being up-

“Hey! Uh, Mr Elite Four…” a timid voice broke through his thought.

Looking down at the base of the steps was a small boy dressed as a Pikachu. One of Volkner’s Junior Trainers! And the weird, naive one at that! Flint’s face broke out into a bright grin.

“Yo, kid! You coming to work?” Shouldn’t someone that young be in school?

The hood of the Pikachu outfit flopped over the boy’s face as he sunk into nervousness in the face of an Elite Four. It never failed to amuse Flint even when he practically lived in the Gym and saw the kid every day. When Flint remained silent and grinning the boy slowly made his way up the steps to stop beside him.

“U-uh, Mr Elite Four…”

Flint looked to the side with fake nonchalance, “nah, call me Flint,” he said, waving his hand.

“M-Mr Flint… I need to get-get in. Would you…?” the child indicated the door timidly, not daring to walk past him.

Either the cosplayer hadn’t noticed he was stuck, or had but been too intimidated to mention it. Either way Flint decided to take the high-road and admit to it. “I’d love to help ya, kid. But I’m a little stuck at the moment. Could ya open the doors around me?”

The child seemed to have a heat attack at the request as all the colour left his face. Flint just waited patiently for a response, apparently unaware of how uncomfortable he was making the trainer.

Even with the automatic doors Flint’s presence in front of them hadn’t opened them so Volkner must have locked them manually from inside - something, Flint mused, he could have the blonde punished for since any new challengers wouldn’t be able to get in. But he’d never do that, he laughed! Not under his own name anyway. Maybe when he perfected Aaron’s signature he could…


The next thing he saw was the sky zooming past his eyes as his head hit the cold floor of the Gym. Sitting up and turning around he saw the little boy scamper over to Volkner on the other side of the room and present him with a bag. The blonde leaned down to listen to the boy before turning around to look at Flint.

He pointed at Flint with a furious expression. “No!”

To which Flint replied with a wave and toothy smile.

((Hopefully it's somewhat In-Character D: My views are twisted.))

This sounds pretty good to me. ^^ I think you perceived him just fine. You're accepted. Now you can make an account for Flint, and join the community.

The account for Flint can be creative or whatnot. x3
You're accepted! I'm really happy we're getting potential/good RPers ^^ I'm impressed too. I liked the history for some reason. ^^

Please make an account for your RP character :D; or I might bend the rules a little, and you can use your main LJ account, but you gotta state which character/who you are when you RP, or at least have an icon. :3
You're accepted! ^^ Sorry it took so long. Please make an account for your char~
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