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hidden_logic in renegadecrusade

Application Post: Canon Character

Player Application(For new players only! You may post in either the canon or OC post)

Player's Name/Nickname
: (Whatever you want us to call you.)
Player LJ: (If you have more than one, go ahead and list them; or if you don't have any at all, please say so.)
Messengers and Email: (Any way we can contact you via the internetz.)
Timezone: (Whatever you want to call it, for example, Eastern or GMT -5. Just something so we can calculate time differences, for reference.)

Character Application

Name: (The canon character's name. Please do not include a last name by any means.)
Gender: (Please don't describe their gender, such as “feminine male”. It's quite obvious why this applies.)
Age: (A reasonable estimate of their age. For example, if you were Roark, maybe around 18~21, but make it definite.)

Description: (This isn't as necessary as for an OC. Picture reference is okay, but test your description abilities and try to go for at least a good description of your character.)

Personality: (Once again, a reasonable guesstimate. We know the character's personalities in the game are somewhat to very ambiguous. Try your best to think of a decent personality, or maybe something a little different than people would actually think. For example, if you were Volkner, don't go with the crowds' thoughts thinking he's 'emo'.)

History: (And again, a reasonable guesstimate. Be creative, yet sensible, about your character's history. Remember, history shapes a character's personality. Please try to make it at least 150 words minimum. If it's close, it's OK.)

Pokemon: (Please include the character's actual Pokemon. You may include some extras, if it makes sense. Please keep their parties to the standard 6. If it's an Battle Tower NPC such as Riley or Cheryl, keep it to a minimum of 6 for their party, and no legendaries for any characters by any means. Maybe for Palmer, but that will still be looked over.)

Sample RP: (250 word minimum; please give a short sample of what you are capable of writing involving this character. It doesn't have to be canon, just... something. Also, please don't link to previous RPs/fanfictions/anything else you've written, instead, please write a fresh sample specifically for the RP.)

Please fill out all fields!


Sample RP: Judging by the sun it was still early morning and Flint found himself sitting cross-legged outside the entrance to the Sunyshore Gym on his lonesome. It wasn’t so much the fact that the early morning rays were boiling the highly polished steps he were sat on that was the cause of the over-dramatic pout covering his features. It wasn’t the fact that every passer-by would look and point at him. It wasn’t even the fact his best friend had called him a “freeloading leach” again as he was perfectly used to that title, quite frankly. It was the fact his belt was caught in the sliding double doors.

And he’d be damned if he were going to rip it and free himself. It was his favourite one!

Besides, he didn’t have anything to do anyway; hadn’t for a good week either. Apparently Cynthia thought even Aaron were more responsible than himself so he’d been relieved of all duties for a week. And what a boring week it had been!

Looking at his non-existent watch he sighed for the umpteenth time. It wasn’t like he were stuck in a particularly comfortable position either, what with his trousers being up-

“Hey! Uh, Mr Elite Four…” a timid voice broke through his thought.

Looking down at the base of the steps was a small boy dressed as a Pikachu. One of Volkner’s Junior Trainers! And the weird, naive one at that! Flint’s face broke out into a bright grin.

“Yo, kid! You coming to work?” Shouldn’t someone that young be in school?

The hood of the Pikachu outfit flopped over the boy’s face as he sunk into nervousness in the face of an Elite Four. It never failed to amuse Flint even when he practically lived in the Gym and saw the kid every day. When Flint remained silent and grinning the boy slowly made his way up the steps to stop beside him.

“U-uh, Mr Elite Four…”

Flint looked to the side with fake nonchalance, “nah, call me Flint,” he said, waving his hand.

“M-Mr Flint… I need to get-get in. Would you…?” the child indicated the door timidly, not daring to walk past him.

Either the cosplayer hadn’t noticed he was stuck, or had but been too intimidated to mention it. Either way Flint decided to take the high-road and admit to it. “I’d love to help ya, kid. But I’m a little stuck at the moment. Could ya open the doors around me?”

The child seemed to have a heat attack at the request as all the colour left his face. Flint just waited patiently for a response, apparently unaware of how uncomfortable he was making the trainer.

Even with the automatic doors Flint’s presence in front of them hadn’t opened them so Volkner must have locked them manually from inside - something, Flint mused, he could have the blonde punished for since any new challengers wouldn’t be able to get in. But he’d never do that, he laughed! Not under his own name anyway. Maybe when he perfected Aaron’s signature he could…


The next thing he saw was the sky zooming past his eyes as his head hit the cold floor of the Gym. Sitting up and turning around he saw the little boy scamper over to Volkner on the other side of the room and present him with a bag. The blonde leaned down to listen to the boy before turning around to look at Flint.

He pointed at Flint with a furious expression. “No!”

To which Flint replied with a wave and toothy smile.

((Hopefully it's somewhat In-Character D: My views are twisted.))

This sounds pretty good to me. ^^ I think you perceived him just fine. You're accepted. Now you can make an account for Flint, and join the community.

The account for Flint can be creative or whatnot. x3
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