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Renegade Crusade

a Pokemon RP; now with 10% MOAR haxxorz!

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Pokemon RP
-The Story-

Pokemon. The creatures require little introduction to most, and this world is populated with over 450 different species of them. Sinnoh is one of four major regions on the planet that houses both humans and Pokemon... and something strange is happening to it.

The underground black market is abuzz as of late; new, enigmatic devices are appearing, seemingly out of nowhere. They are small, black, and sleek with many various buttons, easily able to fit into a pocket, as well as go undetected in a high-security zone due to the possible lack of metal within them (though no one is sure, because they're almost impossible to break open). They come without a box, without a receipt, without even a name to associate them to the company or the creator.

And they work like remote controls to reality itself.

These objects, called "Ultra Vires" (pronounced "uhl-truh vahy-reez"), have the potential to literally change this plane of existence to the user's will. They are scarce, with numbers perhaps in the teens in existence at the moment, but can be used often and very low under anyone's radar, as it is easily possible to rewrite memories using it. The only thing it cannot do is alter personalities and free will of either humans or Pokemon, as far as is currently known.

Rumors have been spreading around Sinnoh at a rapid pace about these Ultra Vires, though few have ever seen one, and those who have them are sure to keep them well hidden and their usage low-key.

However, there might be more to the devices than what was first thought. How do they work? What's their purpose? What can be done about them? Who can do anything about them?

Perhaps we're about to find out...

-Rules and Regulations-
(because every RP needs 'em!)

-Common Rules-

  1. Most importantly, be respectful and mature in this RP. No flaming, insulting, or harassing other players. There can be posts where you can be silly, but please keep it to a reasonable extent.

  2. Character quality counts! No Mary-Sues, Gary-Stus, or general power-players(god-modders) in this RP. OCs will be checked, and canon characters will not be overpowered. This means no characters will own any legendaries, and if there were to be Pokemon battles, keep them fair. This also means no over-doing the “hacking” theme of this RP.

  3. No overuse of OOC dialog. OOC dialog can be used for explaining or small notes that we might need to know about the post. Otherwise, keep it to a minimum please.

  4. Quantity of post-count isn't an issue, “quality not quantity” applying. However, please make your posts thoughtful. For example, try to go more into detail in thoughts and feelings rather than trying to be quick with your post. We really encourage good posts! Remember, this is an English RP. Please use proper or your best English!

  5. Pairings are allowed, if it's the character's nature to do so, or if it's reasonably possible. Het, yaoi, and yuri couples are allowed. However, please don't fandomize the characters in a way you would like to see them, yet others would not. Examples of “fandomizing” characters would be:

    Making a male character extremely or entirely feminine.
    Changing the character's possible personality to your liking.
    Various other changings in the character that only suit your liking.

Pairings with OC/Canon Character are a possibility, depending on the situation.

  1. The limit of characters one player can have is 4. However, you may only make an account for a character one at a time. If you have an application pending, don't send in another one. Also, you are limited to only 1 OC. Please, we don't want the RP revolving totally around OC s

  2. If you join this RP, PLEASE TRY TO BE ACTIVE! If you only make about 2~4 posts a week or two, it's fine. But please, be responsible about your activity. If you are not going to be active a while, give notice on your character's account please.

  3. About explicit material, keep it to a reasonable extent. This rule applies for blood & gore and sex. Be tasteful and decent, not disgusting and obscene.

  4. Maybe this is the most important, but have fun! Try not to start fights, and lets be friendly and have a joyous time! :D

-About Joining & Various Info.-

Please comment an application with your regular LJ account. If you do not have an LJ account and you reply as 'anonymous', please remember to put your contact details. If you are accepted, you may make an account for your character! After that, you may join the community with your character's account~

Only mods can make main plot posts. However, other players/characters can make little side-plots, if wanted. Please try to keep it a little bit related to the main plot, though. ^^

-Community Mod. Contact-

AIM: Melleh FTW or raspberii melon
MSN: dj.melleh@hotmail.com
Yahoo: munin_star
Email: same as MSN

AIM: kazuhi017
MSN: sapphiredewgong@hotmail.com
Email: aura@smallmagic.net